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Saturday, September 10, 2005
Suggested Retail:$70

Size: sm

Color or Scent: Chocolate

Reviewer Info:

I wasn’t sure about the GymGirl as the challenge of these skirts with shorts under is always if the shorts will ride up, and stay up. I had spoke with Nicole about my concern. When they deveolped it they realized that their is some “rising” but the shorts tend to stay put once you begin to sweat a bit.

As much as I love the color, chocolate with pink piping, finding a matching tank is a bit of a challenge and, when you have something that makes this much of a statement, you want to complete the outfit.

At first glance:

I’ve seen these great skirts around town as they are made by local professional triathlete Nicole DeBoom. They jump off the rack and you can spot them on the trails…I couldn’t wait to try one. I met up with Nicole for a few minutes at Outdoor Divas and introduced her to and she was excited to have us review her skirts.  So far there are five styles:

The TransitionGirl, a mesh skirt for competition.
The MarathonGirl, a running skirt with “spankies” sewn inside.
The GymGirl, with mesh “shorties” sewn inside.
The SchoolGirl, a plaid pleated skirt for fashionistas.
The PartyGirl, a skirt that can go from beach to nightclub.


Today I took the chocolate GymGirl on one of my favorite trail runs in South Boulder…the Doudy Draw loop.  It was prefect late summer a sunny Saturday (pretty typical), 82 degrees and a light wind.
The skirt is short!, about the length of some of my shorter running shorts. I had tested out the PartyGirl skirt which is significantly longer (but not too long!) and perfect for the evening.  I adjusted the pink shorts underneath, clipped on my Ipod, and Mila (see photo) and I were off.

I must say that I was suprised at how well the undershorts stayed put. They were comfortable if you are used to wearing thongs (like the wonderful Patagonia thongs) but take some getting used to if you haven’t worn something similar.  The skirt length, which I had been concerned about, was pefect. The short slits on the side actually allowed some extra wind under but not too much to feel like the skirt was moving about.

While I was running I felt great. It was like I had on a cute dress and everyone else was wearing jeans. Running in a skirt is kind of like having a bike jersey vs wearing a t-shirt biking. People look at you and you feel like you are making a statement!

Through the Ringer:

I made a couple of adjustments just to see if the shorts were pulling up. They definitely came up about 1 inch but then stayed put.  All and all a very positive experience!

What I Liked:

The newness of running with a skirt. The fabric and colors, the little inside pocket.
This is a perfect gym short, you’ll be the envy of everyone.

Room for Improvement:

I’d like to try the MarathonGirl for running…I don’t feel like I needed the shorts but rather a traditional running “spanky”.
The colors are great but would like to see a black, more all around but still fun, model.

Ideal for:

gym, cruiser biking about town

Reviewed by Kathy Dragon

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