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Sunday, November 16, 2008
Suggested Retail:2008 version $199.00

Year Released: 2007

Size: small

Color or Scent: Light Blue

Reviewer Info:

trail runner, traveler, never has the perfect “ONE” jacket to take on an active vacation…until now.

At first glance:

I was unsure of the underarm zips of this non-traditional biking jacket. The weight is heavier than my other gore jackets and the slim fit and slightly lower back (bike back) covers more than traditional hiking jackets


Biking, Trail Running, Travel.  Great for spring/fall temps of 20-50 degrees. 
Update 12/7/08:used it in 4 degree (Fahrenheit) weather in Vermont (10 miles from the Canadian border) with a Patagonia wool underlayer and my core stayed warm though my toes froze!

Through the Ringer:

I’ve used this product for 3 years and LOVE it. the newer model looks like it has some good improvements (zip-off sleeves don’t have the arm extensions on this model).This technical waterproof cycling jacket is loaded with features yet it is lightweight and packable to go with you anywhere. The two-layer GORE Windstopper® fabric makes for a breathable, waterproof, and quiet jacket

What I Liked:

perfect weight, back pocket holds leash, gloves, phone anything you need.

Room for Improvement:

the zip off part I really don’t use as it was/is not easy to zip on and off. The neoprene extensions off the vest portion get caught when putting on and off. Would love if the sleeves were a bit longer and the neck zipped up higher.

Ideal for:

Trail running, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, hiking

Reviewed by Kathy Dragon

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