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Sunday, August 27, 2006
Year Released: 2005

Size: 4

Color or Scent: tan


This is not just another convertible skirt…it looks great zipped off and functions for walking tours or warm summer evenings in Tuscany. Zipped into its longer version the details of the offset slit, good length, hidden zipper pocket etc. it works in a restaurant in Florence without looking like I was just in from the trail.

Through the Ringer:

Barely needs an iron (I, personally, don’t iron) and doesn’t pill, which I hate. I bring one on every trip

What I Liked:

lower waistband, seemless zippers, good length both zipped off and in the longer version

Room for Improvement:

I"d like to see a skort or a bit more flared hiking skirt

Ideal for:

Active Travel when you need to go out to dinner but only want to bring one suitcase.

Reviewed by Kathy Dragon

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