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Saturday, September 10, 2005
Year Released: 2005

Size: 4

Reviewer Info:

I travel about 4 months a year on active cultural trips around the world.  Traditional travel clothing (zip-off pants and skirts, shirt/jackets etc) generally are fine on the trail but you look like a tourist! I’m tired of looking frumpy in Florence, wearing Khaki, and having pants that sag in the butt. I have long legs so almost every pant is short unless they have a Long or Tall option.


I was introduced to Countourwear at the Outdoor Retailer Show Feb. of 2005 and received a packet of products in time to take on my 5 week/1 suitcase active travel trip in June of 2005.  When I travel I only take my favorite things and those I can wear over and over (and over) again. They have to be versatile enough to hike in all day, go out to nice restaurants at night, and even stand up to occasional night club dancing extension.  It is a tough job, especially in Europe when you want/need to look great (keeping up with the Italians!).  My Contourwear Ensemble had a real test on its hands.

What I Liked:

I LOVE this stuff. I’ll review the items separately later but they are basically functional and fashionable travelwear with great features, design, cut, fabric that a hasn’t been available for the discriminating women traveler before.

Room for Improvement:

Some of the pieces didn’t fit or had some features that weren’t practicle or could be adjusted.
The pants sizes see accurate but the tops run a bit small for all the women that tried them so, choose a larger size for the top and smaller for the bottom.

Ideal for:

Active Travel
Looking great around town, in the city, on the trail when you only can bring one medium size suitcase or carry on.
Around town! these are pieces I don’t put in the “travel pile” of things I don’t want to see again until I hit the road!

Reviewed by Kathy Dragon

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San Diego, CA
on Sep 10, 2005 at 6:39pm:

Hi kathy,

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Recommended:  create a thumbnail of that same image and make the large version a pop-up (use the file upload wizard to walk you through it). 


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