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Sunday, October 23, 2005
Suggested Retail:$30

Year Released: 2005

Size: they come in three categories: Lite Weight w/Micro Fleece,Techno-Lite Weight, Mid Weight with Fleece

Color or Scent: I tried one of the custom hats

Reviewer Info:

I have a love/hate relationship with hats and hat hair.

At first glance:

I saw these terrific hats at the Outdoor Retailer last year and new I needed to try one.


I brought the hats on my recent Peru Women’s Trip. Yes, I needed them on the Inca Trail but really, REALLY needed it in Ausangate when we had a white-out and 5” of snow.

Through the Ringer:

Doesn’t scratch, not TOO tight, comfy and WARM.

What I Liked:

the fleece band on the inside, cool designs and great colors. I like the techno-light weight for traveling

Ideal for:

Any outdoor activity

Reviewed by Kathy Dragon

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